Saturday, November 22, 2014

for the weekend

And here it is the weekend already!
Hard to believe... and yet, there it is.
I wish you all a safe, happy, warm, and restful weekend... and I'll see you all back here on Monday.

In the meantime, here are some interesting links I've gathered up for this weekend's post:

*awesome vintage shoe store... just as it was
*Fox photos!
*great photos of Pennsylvania
*gravity hill ( here in PA )
*cute puppy photos
*about being 50
*holy freakin storm batman! This is what happened in Buffalo this week (only 2hrs away)... and another video of it.
*a very interesting article.
*eco-friendly ways to stay warm this winter ... from MotherEarth News.
*more gorgeous photos.... and here too...
*nature is awesome
*one of the world's rarest cats
*DANG, this girl can SING
*for your Thanksgiving dinner 
... and last, but  certainly not the least... * the trailer for the new PEANUTS! movie.

Friday, November 21, 2014


some days... all I can muster is a somewhat "ethereal" (also known as blurry) shot out the kitchen window and towards the 5am twilight.... waiting the dawn of a new day.

And now I am off for more coffee.

Trust that I am thinking of you all... and wishing you a great day...
and I will see you all tomorrow for my weekend post.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


What an odd day.... to an even odder week.
But hey... I'm finally getting a little more sleep... and am gradually feeling a bit better.
I'm sorry to all of you for not posting as much/ or what I usually do...
and I'm sorry to all those that I am working on things for... that I have not gotten things done in a more timely fashion.
I am working on it.... and it will get done.

And ... if nothing else... this year has taught me (once again) that I need to not overdo--- not take on everything for everyone... and how important it can be to take time off to do the things that you LOVE to do.
Not necessarily the things you feel you HAVE to do.... or even INTEND to do...
but LOVE to do because it makes your heart sing.
I for one; know that if I don't make art fairly consistently, my soul shrivels up and dies a bit.
I know... sounds dramatic... but it does.

Life is far too short.
So... you know that thing that you really want to do?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It's been super cold here; and we've had a dusting of snow on a couple of days...
but it's certainly not anywhere near as bad as other parts of the Northeast; and I am grateful.
With last night's low temp being around 8 degrees, there is a decided crispness to the air...
(or some would say... downright "freezing balls" weather!) ... and winter is definitely here.
It's always amazing to me how quickly things change... but then; perhaps I am just longing for more time.
There are always so very many things to do... to read... to watch.... to listen to.... to create... to enjoy... to taste... to catch up on.

Today is filled to the brim with work at my local Potter County Artisan Center; and so I am off.
See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Like railroad tracks, I am also inspired by power lines.
Not something the "average" person probably thinks about... but I am a bit fascinated by all the different structures out there.
Traveling back and forth across the country for so many years; I have an entire file folder of different designs I've come across.
They are beautiful in their own right; if you think about it.

It occurred to me that we artists; are sometimes inspired by things most people don't even glance twice at. The way a random piece of paper is blown by the wind down the street... the colors of flags as they wave in the sunshine... the way the light shines through the leaves... and so on.
Every day can offer up something inspirational... if we only take the time to notice.

And so... I will leave you with that thought for today... and I'll see you all tomorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2014


The photo for today's post is of some old train tracks towards the border to New York State.
(which is closer than it sounds).
Just a few days ago, the hubby and I were in the area; and we stopped so I could take a couple of photos. 
I have a great fondness for trains.
There used to be a train that went through this town; and my husband's grandfather used to occasionally ride the caboose.
He would often wave to the kids in our neighborhood as the train came rolling down the tracks.

And so it was with great delight that we saw this set of tracks and decided to look closer.
Some of the markers dated back to posts put in in 1938 and 1943.

And... I think I have the flu.
Or maybe I am just inordinately tired... but ... 
I feel as though I am a steam train who has run out of steam.
And I am not sleeping well... which sort of explains why I was up last night in time to see this:

Hope this post finds you all well... take care; and I'll see you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

for the weekend

So many projects to do... so many places to go.... so many things to read, write.. create... and so very little time.
But hey... it's the weekend... and if you are looking for some inspiring things to look at; I've got a selection for you:

*Etsy founder has big plans for Albuquerque!
*amazing artifacts from Rathfarnham Castle  ... and here too
*unbelievable treasures from the catacombs
*this looks like a good read...
*artist Robert Glenn
*ranchers are amazing.
*new Stonehenge discovery!
*I always look at the new HONY picture for the day. The other day, he featured this couple... and I was inspired to look up more about them; and found this as well.
*nature reclaiming these buildings in Detroit
*some stunning wildlife photography
*I have a friend who has her heart in Africa, and goes back as often as she can. This reminded me of her; and this is the site of the photographer featured in that article.
*some pretty amazing sculpture (I was thinking of my daughter when I found this site).

and last, but not least...
*some fabulous art on pinterest

---Blessings to you all; and I'll see you on Monday.

(the photo for this weekend's post, is one I took just a couple days ago.
It's amazing how quickly the weather can change...)