Thursday, April 24, 2014


I love this building; located right on Main Street here in town.
I'm sure everyone here knows the story... but suffice it to say; at one time it was a really cool; really well kept tavern with rooms to rent... fell into disrepair... went thru a series of owners... was gutted at one point with the intent to restore it... and now has been empty for years and years.
It's a tragedy... in many, many ways.... and a source of frustration for many here.

I try to think of her as a very old woman... still dignified... still standing... but beyond the point where life is vigorous and one could do things with verve. She is fading away... but will (no doubt) remain in the hearts of many. And I am afraid.... her days are numbered now due to weather and time.

I still think she's gorgeous.... and try to appreciate her every time I wander by.

-- this is from a local news source:

"Built from 1875-1880 for F. W. Knox, this large Italianate residence was converted for use as the Old Hickory Tavern in 1928. Located on Main Street in Coudersport, Old Hickory is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Coudersport Historic District. 

Old Hickory has been closed and vacant since 1987, and was owned by Adelphia, which was destroyed by an accounting scandal and entered bankruptcy in 2002. 
The current owner acquired Old Hickory in 2004 with the intention of rehabilitating it, but has not been able to do so to date. 
The owner looks forward to working with Preservation Pennsylvania and other partners to find a way to get the project moving in 2014." --see more information HERE

according to legend... it is haunted by the ghost of a young man

~~~OLD HICKORY INN (Coudersport, Potter County) The Old Hickory was once a popular stopover for locals and travelers.  Now it's a derelict building, deserted except for its one forlorn spirit.  An underage drinker had too many, and got into a brawl outside the Inn.  He was shot, and they dragged his body upstairs, laid him on a piano, and let him die, afraid of losing their license.  The spook can be spotted looking out the the upstairs window late at night... see here

this is a cool blog post done by someone passing through...

photos of this building on Pinterest
and a video on VIMEO that I came across.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Having my birthday on Earth Day has always been a fun coincidence.... being a hippie child and all... it really suits me.
And while I normally do not have the best of times on my birthday
(I go thru this whole self-evaluation thing that is just not fun... and something I am working on cutting out of my life)
-I love focusing instead on the Earth Day aspect... and doing something out and about in nature.

One thing we've done for several years now... is to plant something on Earth Day.
This year was no different.  We planted a gorgeous yellow forsythia plant... near our front steps...
and my daughter gifted me with a stunning lilac bush... which we planted near our deck.
I am really looking forward to smelling those blooms for years down the road.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-the bright sunshine color of forsythia plants
-fresh good dirt to plant them both in
-keeping traditions that are fun and enjoyable
-trying to get rid of those traditions that are not
-bunnies in the yard
-and a groundhog! he was HUGE. And while I hope I don't catch him in my gardens come summer... he was fun to watch
-celebrating my birthday this week with lunch at one restaurant one day.... dinner at another a different day... and tonight... dessert at a 3rd restaurant.
-getting some money back on yearly taxes we hadn't accounted for
-cake. Cake is good.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014


Today was sort of a lesson in futility...
I packed the jeep full of recycling and lots of garbage the daughter has been clearing out of the woods behind us.... and we took off... only to find out that the Recycling plant/local dump was closed for the day (Easter weekend). So.... we took off on a side road to stop at a local greenhouse-- thinking of getting some garden plants (which; as it turns out... isn't open yet... but will be opening in a couple weeks).... and I was going to work in the yard today... but alas, my allergies had other thoughts.
And so.... another day.... another day for all of it.
And that is OK.

On the plus side... Things I am Grateful for Today:

-we got out and about in the wonderful spring weather
-we got to meet a couple adorable puppies at the greenhouse location... a wonderful basset named Shovel and his little labra-doodle companion.
-we saw a couple old barns along the way... and I LOVE old barns (one is shown in the photo above)
-we found more wild leeks
-and so I am making some more wild leek and potato soup for dinner---vegan style so my daughter can eat some... and I'll share some with my mom.
-I saw ants! and a couple bees! in the yard
-I found someone I was able to gift my "old" laptop to who could use it.... even though it has a couple issues (that may be fixable)... doubly-good because this person loaned me their printer so I could print some photos a couple weeks ago.... and now it all worked out for each of us.
-and I am able to gift my "old" one... because Jim surprised me with a NEW one for my birthday coming up.
-and that turning 50 isn't really all that bad

Saturday, April 19, 2014

for the weekend

It's hard to believe that it's Easter Weekend already.
But... here it is.

I've wanted to post these photos for a long while... but was saving them for this weekend.
The photo at the top is one of the main stained glass windows in our local First United Presbyterian Church.... which is the church I grew up in. Often; as a child during sermons... my mind would wander and I would imagine myself as if I were living in the scenes of these windows. Happy in fields with the sheep.. barefoot and content... listening to their chatter as they ate sweet grass.
And while I find that I am no longer comfortable in the confines of formed religion... this place; this building; these windows... still make me feel safe, secure, and loved.

And so... I wish you all a very Happy Easter weekend... and whatever that means to you... and the activities that entails.  But before I head off for work today.. . and gatherings with family tomorrow... I thought I would share some links... all on an "art" theme:

-some amazing surreal photos
-great fox photos!  and a link to an awesomely happy fox video.
-a very cool artist 
-and this mixed media artist
-and some awesome collage art links (my latest fascination)...

-great things to do for yourself.
-and this great "feel good" story....

Friday, April 18, 2014


I love Coltsfoot.
One of the first wild plants to emerge in the spring... many people confuse it with dandelion...
And happily, we have some growing in our yard.

The birds are singing... the peepers are peeping at night... and I have to get new birdfeeders, as the bear did more damage than I had realized. But all is well... and I have quite the extensive list of things that I need to be doing.... time to make some coffee.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-yard sales! We found 2 around town today while doing errands.
-old canning jars... with glass lids and wire clamps.... sorta like these. Nothing fancy, but I love to use them to store dried goods in.
-vintage dishes! I picked up a couple old plates and am really looking forward to making them into jewelry pieces.
-old friends. Today we stopped for lunch (look HERE. The stromboli is excellent)... and I ran into a friend that I haven't seen in forever. BTW... she still looks 20.
-wild birdsong as my alarm clock.
-peepers. There is nothing like walking outside at night and being serenaded by peepers.
-not having to work until tomorrow.
-the weather being warm enough to keep all the doors and windows open for awhile.
-"new" movies from Netflix. On tap for the next few days are: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and Forrest Gump.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


One of my fav buildings in town; is this blue barn... conveniently; another favorite is a green barn on the same property... and the house across the I come down this way alot.

With the celebration of the opening of fishing season here... as well as the imminent arrival of Easter; I've been making some themed jewelry pieces for the local artisan center... and it makes me happy.
Earrings and such made with vintage fishing lure pieces... pendants with fat bunnies made of lampwork glass... it's been a ton of fun. The artisan center has only been open for a few days now.... and it's been wonderful to see all the people stopping in to see the artwork... and just to say "hi."

That's what living in a small town is like... and one of the many reasons why I am glad to be back.
That friendliness... which brings me to my list of:

Things I am Grateful for Today:
-blue barns
-seeing bunnies frolicking in the yard
-a gift of some gorgeous feathers. A fellow artist found them on her daily walk with her dogs... and brought them in for me. I am looking forward to finding out what kind of bird they came from... as the design on the tips is very distinctive.
-and teeth from deer! This same artist, also found some scattered deer teeth... and brought them to me to work into some jewelry pieces. I am VERY excited.
-dinner with my hunny. Tonight, my husband took me to a local restaurant. I had a wonderful steak (it was perfect), fries made from local organic potatoes, and a side of zucchini and squash that was perfectly seasoned. Oh... and a glass of Riesling.
-the love and support of my fellow artists here. It's a very supportive community... and that is awesome.
-visits with family. Today we had a wonderful visit from my husband's brother and niece.
-apple cake. My daughter brought me home a chunk from this place... and it is THE BEST.
-getting home just in time to watch Chopped Canada!
-knowing I can sleep in tomorrow