Saturday, February 6, 2016

for the weekend

It's amazing how a sunny day can sometimes turn things around.
Nature, oftentimes... can be the best medicine.

This week, the daughter found some super cool links... and I thought I would share them with you:
*artist Aganetha Dyck
*artist Yeesookyung ... and more here
*artist Gregory Euclide ... and more here

and then I came across these:
*this sounds like a great working vacation
*here's a cool coloring book inspired by nature that you can download
*itching to travel? I know I am ...

Well, that's it for this post. Time to make some tea...
 --- see you all on Monday for my "Maker Monday" post.

Friday, February 5, 2016


And yesterday... I finally felt "up" to working in the studio. 
I feel on a certain level, that I lost all of January... stress is an ugly thing.... but it is what it is.
Life sometimes, can be really difficult... and... sometimes our worries and fears and take on a much bigger role than they should.
It's amazing really, when you think about it... and how to get out of it can be a colossal undertaking.

There are so many sites out there with bits of wisdom on how to de-stress, and I certainly don't know it all...
but there are some things that seem to be universally touted as ways to help:

Breathe deeply
Try to eat in a healthy manner
listen to music you love
watch something funny
take a walk/ exercise
snuggle your dog
incorporate plants into your living space
get some good sleep

--- I wish you all a very happy Friday... and I will see you all tomorrow for my weekend post.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


I was reading a blog last evening, and the writer of that blog was talking about the difference between wealth and riches. She had just finished reading a book by Agapi Stassinopoulos; who in turn... had touted the difference as: 'Being rich means you have a lot of money.  Being wealthy means you value the gifts you have and you develop them.  Wealth means that you have everything you need, and that you share it, too.  It means being generous with what you have, not living in fear of losing what you have, and not comparing it to what anyone else has.'

Now, I've never  read this author, but it rather makes sense. Ms Stassinopoulos goes on 'Having intelligence is wealth.  Being curious about life is wealth.  Ethics is wealth - it is the integrity you have in all your relationships.  Having friends who care for you and love you, and whom you care for and love, that is wealth.  Taking care of yourself and being healthy is wealth, and so is having respect for yourself and your fellow human beings.  Being educated, having a thirst for learning, being able to go to good schools with inspiring teachers who will help cultivate your talents, is wealth too - the most important kind, because without that, it really doesn't matter what else you have. The arts and culture are wealth.  The artists of the world are all wealthy.  They have gifts that money can never buy.'

The wording doesn't much matter, whether you refer to this as "riches" or "wealth"... as I have seen this theory used with opposite wording. The concept is what's important. So many times, we get caught up in worrying about money... and assume because we have none (or because we struggle for what we do have) that we are poor. We are not. Aside from the gratitude of having a roof and having something to eat... we have potential. We have the ability to grow, to change, to adapt, and to move on.

I was thinking of that... and was immediately reminded of the photo I chose for today's post.
I took it while briefly traveling through Aztec, New Mexico and stopping at a site of some fabulous ruins. And what I see when I look at this photo (beyond how cool the ruins are)... is the idea that you may feel like you've got nothing but brick walls all around you. Life maybe closing in. Things may seem impossible. Success/happiness/ whatever you are seeking... might seem beyond you.... but it's there. And there is always a way to it.

Hang in there, my friends... and I'll see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's raining.... it's chilly... and whatever "winter effects" we had; seem to be disappearing in the wake of Phil's shadow yesterday.
It does indeed, look as though we are skipping most all of winter this year... and heading back into spring. But we'll see.
Nature may surprise us yet.

I am exhausted. It's always amazing to me how a busy day can just wipe me out... and the symptoms can linger forever; or so it seems. I am cranky, and restless.... and definitely lacking in good sleep. Brina must have been feeling it too... because she didn't let any of us sleep past 5:30 this am. (even though I had barely gotten 4hrs of sleep).
I am thinking a major nap might be in order. But first, I decided to take a walk about the yard; and the photos for today's post show some of what is happening out there today. The trio of blue jays that frequent our yard are squawking at each other... the wind is whipping up a bit here on the hill... and the coffee is on.

See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Today is going to be a busy day of running errands... unexpected plans that changed at the last minute. 
If I have the time and energy... as soon as I get home, I am heading to the studio. 

The daughter, however... has been awesome. 
She has been very diligent in keeping her working hours steady and on course...
and as sort of a continuation of yesterday's "maker monday" post... I thought I would show some of her recent artwork.
Carry on, my friends! ... and I will see you all tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2016


so... this weekend I made cookies.

Let me preface this, with the knowledge that I am not a baker. I love to make pies and banana bread... and the such. But for the last decade probably, when I  have made cookies... I have made either bar cookies or drop cookies. I guess I am lazy... but truth be told, and as evidenced by this weekend... frosted, cut-out cookies are not my forte.

But I did learn a few things...

-find a good recipe, or buy a pre-made mix. Life doesn't have to be complicated.
-find a cute cookie cutter... make things fun.
-always chill your dough in between batches. Your dough gets warm, and then you end up with flat, non-identifiable shaped cookies.
-there are a billion recipes for frosting. A friend told me to try small amounts of evaporated milk with powered sugar. It worked perfectly.
-if perfection is your goal... try to use piping frosting all around the inner edges of your cookies, and then fill in that design with your frosting. Mine looked like a 6yr old did them.
-never trust the timing on recipes. Check your cookies. Check them often.
-there will always be a few that are "messed up." Consider this a prime time to sample the recipe and see how good they taste.
Share with a friend.

And finally, cut yourself some slack. I was way too nervous about doing a good job, as the cookies were going to someone else.
But... in the end... they tasted really good... and after all, that's what really matters.
See you all tomorrow...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

for the weekend

It's the weekend!
This whole month has gone by so very quickly... 
and I feel as though I have been a hermit for most all of it.... which is ok.
Some times it is a very necessary thing.
But today it is nice... the sun is out... and I hope you are all well and enjoying your day.

Here are some links to share with you all -- looks like my feed this week was full of art!

*some neat art
*artist Azumi Sakata
*photographer Amanda Jones' project
*artist Thornton Dial; and another that showcases his art
*a very cool photo blog 
*and an awesome site I just discovered that has TONS of old photos on it

~~See you all on Monday for my "maker Monday" post.