Saturday, September 13, 2014

for the weekend

Well... it's going to be another busy weekend...
We are trying to work on our basement... which continues to have water issues.
Just the other day we discovered a colony of these guys living behind our washer and dryer.
So... cleaning... scrubbing.... trying to water-proof... salvage what's down there (my studio stuff)...

But in the meantime... here are some great links to brighten up your weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday:

*Jim Carey's life message (video)
*HGTV: Trends for Fall
*Martha Stewert : American Made Finalists ... and my friend Eppie who is one of them!
*Designer Deb VanZyl
*Centralia, PA ... I want to go photograph there.
*The Republic of Tea
*some crazy cool folk art
*40years alone in Russia
*and a found ship from 1846
*artist Junko Oki
*creative wisdom
*7 steps to Living a Bill Murray life
*making Bread and Butter pickles
*the science of storytelling
*Mission to the Edge of Space (video)

Friday, September 12, 2014


there is a decided chill in the air
frost on the grass
a nip on the cheeks when stepping out to see the moon
whirlwinds of leaves
dancing in the pre-autumn air
getting ready,
ready for fall.
ready for pumpkins
dancing in the streets
sweet treats on the tongue.
For calls of ravens as they leave the fields
full of corn
stalks drying
dirt resting
howls towards the sky from lonesome coyotes
gearing up for the hunt
for the final throws of the year
to chase with the bear
up for the night and on the prowl for berries
fat from the summer sun
for apples dropping on the ground
that the deer haven't already eaten as they gracefully wander
for turkey calling out to the geese as they fly overhead.
And us, resting on our porch...
just taking it all in
and feeling grateful.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


A friend of mine suggested a place to photograph some flowers today... and so I did.
They happen to be a plant called Autumn Crocus; which I didn't even know existed until last fall when we moved back to PA. For some reason; I had just never seen one before... and so it was a really pleasant surprise to learn that there was a variety of crocus that appears just in the fall... instead of spring.
So... today is just a happy little post... full of pretty flowers :)
---see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


ah... another night of late night blogging.

But it was a good day all around, I think...
in spite of the fact that I only got 2hrs of sleep, my mother had a fall and I've been checking on her, that I had to work (my volunteer job)... that I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time (last night and today) wiping a layer of mold and mildew off stuff in my basement (and still have alot of it to do)... and that water is still an ever-present problem in our basement/studio space... and that (consequently) there are now boxes of things all over my house which makes it look like we just moved in yesterday...
and .//... yah. It's been a day.

But it's also been great in many ways!
I got to visit with friends at the Art Center here in town, and had the pleasure of seeing lots of new art coming in for the week. My daughter submitted entry into the center, and was approved! So we got her bio framed and put on the all along with a piece of her art.
I had a great dinner made from all sorts of leftovers in the fridge... which means the fridge is clean :)

So you see... it's sometimes all about your perspective.
Like the photo for today's post... I could be frustrated that fall is edging ever-so closer... which means an end to summer... or I could say... whoa! Look at the color on those leaves!

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
--Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Today I am exhausted... and I've been trying all day to find a piece of artwork; and can't seem to locate it. 'Tis the trials of moving, and not completely unpacking yet... but frustrating none-the-less.

There are days (like today) when I despair of ever having the basement cleaned up...
of ever having the upstairs the way we want it...
of having walls painted... and shelving up... so we can unpack all those boxes of books, et all.
And I know it's going to happen... it's just the interim.
And it's such a third-world problem anyway.
I have a house.
I have plumbing... and a roof.. and fresh water... it's all good.

And so I am taking some time out of my frenetic whirlwind-ness... to just stop.
Stop and be grateful.
Smell the clean air.
Walk in the fresh, green grass.
Look at the stars.

Hope you all have a great night.

Monday, September 8, 2014


wow. And it's a Monday.
There are some Mondays that just feel so Monday... if you know what I mean, and this is it.
Nothing horrible... just feeling behind, feeling rushed... feeling like... where did the weekend go?

My kitchen has looked like some sort of veggie warehouse for a couple of days.
I had picked up a bushel of roma tomatoes, a huge bag of onions, a basket of sweet peppers and garlic a few days ago...
and so yesterday; I spent the day fixing spaghetti sauce.
Today I hope to fix another huge batch of spaghetti sauce... and use up the rest of the tomatoes that are taunting me from their waxed box on the floor. And then of course, it will all need to be canned/processed.

I did fix a BIG bowl of fresh salsa... and we've been feasting on salsa and chips... which is great.
So I went to the store today to get a bottle of Jose Cuervo... cuz you can't have salsa and chips... without margaritas.

Then... I have a box of cucumbers I was gifted, to use up.
I've been thinking of making pickles, but can't seem to locate my recipe box; or my BALL canning book... which I can only guess is still in the stack of 26 boxes of books we've yet to unpack that is sitting in the basement.
(because we need to build shelves. because we need to paint the walls first, because we need to clean out the room... and so on it goes).
Anyway, so I went to look for recipes online, and discovered that 99% of them seem to be recipes for refrigerator pickles...
so I've been "winging" it.
During the night, I made a huge jar of pickled, chunky relish (see the photo below)... which seems to have turned out OK.

So... what's left of today will be a jumble of making pickled relish, making more spaghetti sauce, canning stuff... and who knows what else.

Tomorrow is another day.
But at least today has margaritas, chips and salsa... and music.
Lots of music.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

for the weekend

Nestled between 2 of 3 large Masonic buildings in Williamsport; is this little gem.
We had stopped briefly for a short walk-about to stretch the legs on our way home from the family reunion late on Monday... when I saw it.
Copper flashing.... green with verdigris patina from age... bright red window casings and mirrored "windows"... hanging ... seemingly defying gravity.

It's probably a walk-through between the buildings... but how awesome!
And of course, my 9yr old inner child began weaving stories about it... with a most decidedly "Harry Potter"-esque leaning.

I've always been fascinated with Masonic Rites and Lodges. Probably because here in Coudersport, there is a huge Masonic Hall known as the Consistory. I would often work as a waitress or kitchen help during events at this local lodge, and longed to see more of the building... but never had the opportunity.
My mother has sung in the choir of the yearly "Passion Play" events held there... and I just have never been around at the right times to go see it... or (better yet)... sneak off and explore some of the rooms.
I am told their is a ballroom... a billiard room... and of course, the large and open theater room with it's massive pipe organ.
But alas, someday... 'cuz... the future is just golden.

And in the meantime, here are some links to peruse this weekend:

*my friend Eppie Bailey 
*this is one of the bands featured at the Austin Dam Show I was at a couple weekends ago. They hail from Germany!! and stayed at this local hotel/bar/restaurant
*50 novels by 50 female writers under 50
*how creating art lessens the burdens of depression
*went to see Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend... and it was awesome!!! I highly recommend it... and here is the soundtrack (full version) on YouTube.
*artist Diane Sudyka (LOVE her artwork)
*I had posted some poetry by Mary Oliver the other day, and a good friend recommended that I read Amy Clampitt.... so here
*and then I came across this poet from Ireland...
*easy refrigerator pickles recipe
*native plants for birds come fall (and to plan for next year)
*Penn's Valley is named Top Place by Mother Earth News (and it's right near here)
*inspiration for rural PA creatives
*Photography links!