Wednesday, July 1, 2015


We've all done it. We look in the fridge and wonder what we are going to make for dinner.
Leftovers, some fresh stuff... it becomes an episode of "Chopped" ... where we are racing the clock with a finite number of ingredients...
and are hoping for the best.
This is what I did.

I had some leftover french fries and a portion of steak.
Chopped up; I placed them in a skillet with some fresh garlic scapes, and a couple little cherry tomatoes I had from my mom's patio plant.
I then added a small container of "boom boom" sauce from take-out awhile ago... (it is a spicy cheddar sauce)... a little bit of leftover hummus, and some fresh ground pepper and coarse sea salt.

I also had half of a baguette that was a bit dry ... so I brushed it with olive oil and placed it in the broiler for a few minutes.
I added a schmear of guacamole that I also had in the fridge that needed eaten up.
Finally, I sprinkled a dusting of shredded mozzarella cheese on top.... and there ya go.
Now to open the wine...

See you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


...hard to believe it's almost July... but there it is. 

Today's post is just some photos I've taken the past few days.
I hope you like them; and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Remember those awesome cobblers from when we were kids?
Well, after spying some incredible rhubarb this past Friday at the farm  market... I decided to try to make one.
.... well, it actually took me 2 tries... and I will explain.

First, I was able to get 4 big bunches of rhubarb (*buy one, get one) at my local farmer's market... but for a pie-plate sized cobbler, you only really need about 5-6 stalks of rhubarb. After chopping, I added fresh strawberries (about half of one container) and about 1 cup of currents I had from last fall in my freezer. I put them all in the pie plate... to make sure I had enough "filling."

I then mixed in a generous tablespoon of coconut oil; which I had melted.
Why? Because my daughter prefers to have very little sweetening added to her foods... but I still wanted to be able to eat this without twisting up my face from potential sourness. I figured the coconut oil would add a little sweet... and a little fat (in lieu of butter) to the mix.
Feel free, however, to add sweetness/ sugar to taste.

I ground up (in my coffee grinder) some fresh/ dried mint from last year's garden and some cinnamon... and added that to the fruit.
Now... here's where it took 2 tries.
My cookbook said I could make the cobbler without cooking the rhubarb/ fruit mixture first.
And while that may work for some... I highly recommend cooking your fruit mixture in a pot on the stove-top for a few minutes first.
My first attempt was ok.... but not near as creamy as I had hoped... which is why I tried again and cooked the fruit mixture first.
Cook until the fruit mixture is a chunky applesauce consistency; then add to your pie plate.

Now for the biscuits. You can make the dough from scratch... but I used Bisquick.
Bisquick is surprisingly vegan! I added soy milk instead of regular cow milk (and no butter) to my Bisquick flour to make the biscuits, and; using an ice cream scoop.... scooped biscuits onto the top of my fruit mix.

I baked this all in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes (or until golden brown).

So... this is completely vegan. 
(but this would be good with ice cream, if you are so inclined)

Cost: the rhubarb was $4 for 2 bunches, which means I actually only used a dollar's worth in here.
I added the strawberries for less than $2, and the currents were in my freezer. The spices, coconut oil, & the soy milk I already had as well.
The Bisquick was on sale for $4 a box, and I only used 2 cups of the flour from that box.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

for the weekend

oy... and vey... (giggle)
The photo for today's post is from that vintage photo album I picked up a few weeks ago.
I've been working on restoring a couple of the photos (like this one I did previously), and it is tons of fun.
The look on these 2 little kids is priceless, and still in keeping with something you would see today.
Some things don't change.

And yes, it's the weekend... so I've gathered some (hopefully) interesting links for you all to look at:
*if only I had a diner, this is what I would do...
*also in my dream diner.... this.
*isn't vocabulary fun?
*a cool summer project
*a friend of a friend took the photos for this... and they are amazing
*isn't nature awesome
*I love this designer's clothing
*here is a great resource for creatives
*a neat video from the Harvard Museum of Natural History
*another cool DIY helpful post
*are you traveling this summer? Here are some stellar stops.
*the 100 mile yard sale... here in PA
*and some fabulous vintage photographs to round this all out.

--- I hope you all have a great weekend; and I will see you back here on Monday for a "foodie" post.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation of being spread too thin...
We over-promise.... we over-extend.... wanting to help... we take on too much... and so it begins.
We forget that it's ok to say no.
It's ok to allow others the opportunity to step up and take things on.
It's ok to not do.... even if that means failure in your own eyes.
... and that too will pass.

Today is a day of self care.
This whole week, has been a lesson in taking a back-seat... when your whole being is screaming that there is stuff to be done.
And guess what? It will be ok...

Here are some blogs from my reading list that I would consider more thoughtful
(and I'll see you all tomorrow for my weekend post):
*Hula Seventy
*Pixie Campbell
*Amy Palko
*Christine Mason Miller
*Elizabeth Bunsen

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Since last week, I've been overwhelmed by allergies.... and yes, I am taking everything I can for it.
One of the hazards of having a suppressed & wonky immune system, is that it doesn't work when you need it to... and it goes into hyperdrive for no reason apparent sometimes.
Suffice it to say, that now I probably have both a sinus infection and bronchitis.... and even though it's summer outside; I am not.
It's been rough... but it's just one-of-those-things.
Moving on.

I mention this only in the context of self care.
Sometimes, stuff happens.... and we have to just stop and take care of ourselves.
Other stuff needs done... the dishes languish in the sink... the laundry builds up... things need dusted (sneeze)'s ok.
Life is short... and sometimes you just have to grin at it all and keep moving.

Take the photo for today's post.
Super cute, super tiny baby grasshopper probably was astounded at this big, hulking, sniffling, sneezing,
mucous-y beast (me) looming over him... and yet... he sang. He sang sweetly.
He didn't waiver from his singing... and he didn't hop away in fear.
Some days... grasshopper.... you just need to sing and carry on.

--see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


... an internet friend of mine passed away the other day.
We had met each other online several years ago by way of prose, poetry, books and coffee... and I discovered that she was fond of a lot of the same things I am. She admired my photos and my poetry...  and I hers... and we would talk on occasion about life.... and books... families and such. It was a casual relationship... yet one built on mutual respect. And suddenly... she was gone.
Life is short.
Life is fragile.
And things pass in the flurry of day-to-day errands... bills to pay... work to be done... and we forget.

We forget to take our time.
Look at the stars.
Value our relationships.
Admire the peonies...

---see you all tomorrow.