Saturday, August 30, 2014

for the weekend

Well... another week has absolutely flown by.
But it's time for the weekend...
for resting... relaxing... maybe sitting by a campfire...
chilling with friends...
watching a movie or reading a good book...

Whatever you are doing this weekend,
be sure to get some rest and take some time out to do something fun!
And if you happen to be online; here are some cool links I've gathered up for you all:

*10 things I've learned from Jack Kerouac
*15 wonderful words with no English equivalent
*75 empowering quotes for kick-ass women
*DIY: tin can lanterns 
*How to make a hula-hoop rug! OR... how to crochet a rug from old t-shirts
*a website about Janis Joplin.'s.Janis.freakin'.joplin.
*artist Mark Yasenchack
*THIS. Because it's Lego's... AND it's Steampunk!
*yard FALL ideas on Pinterest
*and then there was this. Because it applies to me... right here... right now.
*did you know there were a grazillion Wizard of Oz books? I didn't. But winter is coming...

*** and then.... this. Because Eppie is a friend of mine. Because she stepped out of her comfort zone. Because she is doing what she loves. And because we support artists. Read it... share it. Thank you.

Hope you all  have a fabulous weekend... and I will see you come Monday.

Friday, August 29, 2014


It's so peaceful here; living next to the woods.
It's been quite the adjustment, moving from the sunny southwest back home to PA...
but it's also been very rewarding in many ways.

The hardest part, honestly... has been figuring out the money issues...
what with the hubby taking classes online and writing a work of fiction; he doesn't have a job in the traditional sense... and has no money coming in at the moment.
I've had some temporary work... but am now concentrating on building up my art business;
which takes time for things to pan out financially...
So the whole "money" thing has been rough... but no more so than so many people I know.
It's been hard all over for so many people.

The good news... is I feel we are on the right track.
Yes, money is extremely tight... as we are basically living off of savings at the moment.
But. There are certain freedoms and a certain sense of self that you get when you work for yourself... that is just not like any other.
Plus... we are both doing what we love .. and there is no price tag that you can put on that.

It's been hard stepping out in a HUGE leap of faith... but one we have to try.
And it's been rewarding in other ways...

*I was recently featured as Artisan of the Month at the local Potter County Artisan Center. ... something I've been working hard at since it's inception in January. We opened the center in April... and we're off to a really good start.
*I've been mentioned in several newspaper articles in relation to my art business and work at the Artisan Center... which is super cool.
*I've done several local shows and sold some of my art, craft and jewelry pieces... which is awesome.
*I was recently accepted as a juried artisan in the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail... and had some of my photographs and work featured in their new brochure. It goes all over the state to various State Parks, Visitor's Centers, and artisan centers like ours.
*I found out this week... that I was nominated and honored as one of the TOP 6! artisans in the Wilds Region along Route 6 here in PA. WoOt!
*I've applied for acceptance into some other art groups... and we'll see how that goes
*and I've sent a submission in to a magazine I admire (they didn't need my work at this time... but that isn't to say it couldn't happen in the future, right?).
Applying to things has been a "huge" leap out of my comfort zone... but all of this helps me to grow and learn... and it's been good.

It's been hard work... and it's been really scary at times... but anything worth having and striving for ... is usually difficult and scary at times.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -- Neal Donald Walsch

Stepping out of your comfort zone? Here are some links:
*from Forbes
*from LifeHacker

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Busy, busy day today!
I am leaving town tomorrow for a family reunion down near Philadelphia.
Although I've never been to one; my priority is to get my mother there;
so she can see extended family.

I am also trying to clean up the house, do laundry, print directions, etc in preparation for the trip tomorrow...
get together some items for donation to a local club for an auction that need turned in today...
clean up and sort things from the show we went to last weekend...
arrange to get a used stove in our kitchen... (as the one we have only has 2 working burners and a poorly functioning oven)
and then there is the usual posting on my 2 blogs....
posting for a group I belong to on Facebook...
and even, perhaps, canning pickles... as I was gifted a big box of cucumbers yesterday.

I am SOOOO not complaining though.
It's good to be busy... and it's great that most of my business is related to doing what I love... which is art.
And so... I'm going to walk around the yard a bit... catch my breathe... gain some calmness...
and get back to work.
See you tomorrow!

*5 ways to calm down quickly
*7 ways to relive stress
*7 quick ways to calm down

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Just a short note today... I am really tired.

But I wanted to share these photos with you...
A friend of mine mentioned to me the day; about a local tree... that she had noticed had this awesome fungi growing on it.
This was intriguing, so of course I had to go right down and see it myself.
Once I saw it; I knew it was a "chicken of the woods" mushroom...
and had I been a bit braver; I would have asked the owner of the property if I could cut some down to eat.

I remember having this tasty treat many, many years ago... but wanted to refresh my memory of the facts... so:

Here is the Wiki entry on the mushroom itself.
Here is some info from the "Mushroom Appreciation" website.
More info from the "Mushroom Expert".
And a pretty cool YouTube video.
and this site.... that talks about nutritional benefits and how to cook it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


...sometimes things get tangled up.
These past few weeks it feels as though my entire life has been tangled up in knots.
Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, power struggles... lots of stress and strife going on around me.
And yet, my home (as it should be) is a sanctuary.
Because of this... I have been reluctant to leave the house, for the most part.
And I have been drained.
Emotionally, physically, spiritually... drained.
I feel like my meter is on "empty."

This past weekend I did a show... and it was awesome.
But since then, I find that (for the bulk of the time)...
I have either been in bed... or wandering about in some zombie-like daze.
Not being productive... not getting anything done.
And so today I gave in... and just went to bed.
The rest of tonight is devoted to sitting in my favorite chair and watching an old movie or some such. Sometimes the best things we can do... are nothing at all.

Hope you do the same...


((the photo for today's post was taken in the woods behind my house.
The vine is some sort of creeper... and it is amazing to see these random curls all over the twigs and branches on trees. 
The blooms on it are really pretty as well.))

Saturday, August 23, 2014

for the weekend

Today is a very long day at a show...
but I wanted to post my usual weekend links for you to peruse in your free moments.
---I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday.

*Maurice Sendak's rarest artwork
*why creative people need many outlets
*how to make hard cider
*artist Hinke Schreuders
*great work from Latitude Quilts
*artist Alexandra Gjurasic (an aquaintence of mine from ABQ)
*artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel
*artist Savannah Burgess
*history! America's Forgotten City
*book news! Laura Ingalls Wilder has a new book coming out. Look here... and here.
*poetry by Mary Oliver
*and because I love hippos.... this.

Friday, August 22, 2014


It's hard to believe it... but there are hints of fall already.
The goldenrod and ragweed are all over the edges of my yard... asters... even the occasional autumn toned leaf can be seen in the offing.
It's been a mild tempered summer here (or at least compared to living in the southwest), and I am grateful.
Off and on all day yesterday, and into the evening there were storms all around us.
My mother had a tree completely uproot itself in the storm; and a goodly portion of a neighbor's tree came down with a huge crash. And yet, close to midnight; I could hear the soft scampering of deer in the yard... stillness and calm having returned once again.
This morning, a congregation of crows is chatting wildly, excited over the prospect of the day...
or perhaps... sharing news of the storm... who knows. But they are vocal.

Today and tomorrow I have a show in the area; and I am excited about it.
Yes, it is tempered with the usual "you could have done more"... and the "if only".... comments ringing in my head... but over-all... it's been a great learning experience to navigate the local show circuit here.

It's been a (very) rocky road these past few months; and there are certainly things I would try to do differently if that were an option. It's times like these though, that I have to remind myself.... that I have gotten things accomplished.
I have made a difference.
Yes, I've messed up on some things... that is to be expected.
The only way to truly fail however, is to never to try.
Someone once told me; if you are not making mistakes, you are not learning...
and, I believe that is true.

---carry on peeps.... be nice to each other... and I'll see you tomorrow.