Monday, July 28, 2014


I am sick.
I am not sure why... I just know that I am exhausted, cold, and not doing well.
And so I will leave you for the day... knowing that tomorrow will most likely be better.

Be safe, be well... drink tea, and I will see you tomorrow.

(the photo is of some Japanese Beetles in my back yard)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

for the weekend

Yes, the weekend is finally here... and tomorrow I am looking forward to a day off.

It's been a strange ride these past 2 weeks... what with quitting my part-time job; tying up some loose ends and finishing up some projects.... and doing a show last weekend at the Allegheny Campgrounds... which was fun; in spite of the rainy weather.
This coming week involves a lot of things... not the least of which is getting ready for a big show this coming weekend. I hope to be making lots of new jewelry items for it... with a heavy lean toward gemstone and sterling pieces.
It is also the time of the new moon... which traditionally means new beginnings, recharging "old" goals and setting new ones. I time for focusing on what you really want to bring into your life.
And so it is for me as well.

For the weekend.... I have some sites to share with you.
I hope you like them... and I'll see you on Monday:

*19 ways to Create Good Karma
*the artist and his guardian angel
*50 ways to reuse your garbage
*an unexpected way to clean your old vinyl records
*an easy recipe for the weekend
*and then I found this blurb on this amazing guy ... and where he lives
*lies about quilts
*and these stunning fairy inspired sculptures
*stones covered in origami paper
*this looks fun
*artist John Alcorn
*one of my favorite blog sites and authors

PLUS --- have you read this?... here's the website... and here's a free download.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Ugh. Just when I think I am beginning to get caught up; things go awry.
I am sure this is true for everyone... it's just incredibly frustrating.

You do shows... and then someone tells you about the 3 you missed.
You pay bills... and you realize there's a big one on the horizon.
You get the laundry done... and find a lone sock on the floor.
The "to-do" list never seems to shorten.
Such is life.

How do you keep above it all?
How do you stay inspired when it feels the universe is conspiring against you?
How do you not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others... and feeling like you are always coming up short?

There are no easy answers... but one of the best "help" lists I've seen out there is this one:

1. Get clear about you. 
A sense of self lets you see others' successes and become better, not bitter. List words that describe you: smart, strong, kind; mother, friend, visionary. Value yourself and you won't want to be like anyone else.
2. Seek meaning, not approval. 
When you spend your life chasing recognition, you can also expect to spend it worrying about who's passing you by. If you work to advance your dreams, your place in the pecking order ceases to matter.
3. Know that everyone has her own strengths. 
Our parents told us, "Sit up straight like your brother. Clean your room like your sister." The result? We learned to measure what we do by what others have done. But that isn't useful when every individual has unique gifts.
4. Emulate what works.
When someone does something well, assess what made her succeed and figure out ways to incorporate those traits in your own life. If that's possible, great! If not, refer to #1—and keep doing you.
--Iyanla Vanzant

Here are some more links I've found:
--from TinyBuddha
--another one from TinyBuddha
--from WikiHow
--from ZenHabits
--and this one from CrazyTown

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It's late.
Sometimes all you can do with a busy day... is be glad it's done... be thankful for the night...
and get some rest.
Will catch you all tomorrow.

In the meantime... I've posted 2 photos of milkweed plant.
They are all over here... in the fields, by the roads... near the woods...
and it's utterly amazing to me how many different colors there are in a single plant.
From a distance... it's all pink and violet... but up close... there is orange, and red and yellow and bright lime green... it's really amazing.
I'm sure there's a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


...many people dream of abundance... myself included...
But I have to remember that abundance can mean many things...
from having enough... enough to pay the bills, to fill the stomach... to even having something come into your life that you didn't think you wanted or needed... but there it is... and it's perfect.

I think as artists, we have this mythical ideal in our head... probably spurred on by someone else's propaganda... as to what we should all accomplish as some sort of measurement... in having "made it" and become "successful."
I think a lot of us have this false belief that  the way of living as an artist; is somehow comparable to other work fields... ie: we think there ought to be some sort of quality review every few months... where we are following some sort of ladder on the way to "making it big"... like there is one set course for it all... and somehow we must follow it.
And other artists promote this idea as well... simply look at the plethora of books out there ... on... follow this step... write for an hour every morning... set up your studio to look like this... buy this website... hire this manager... ... well ... you get the idea.
All with this idea of reaching some sort of end goal where you have tons of money... some amount of fame ... not to mention a contract for further tchotchkes and collectibles based on your work.

And it works for some. Which is awesome.
But for myself... I need to remember that to measure yourself against anyone... is a bad idea.
To measure success... and whatever that means to you... based on someone else's path...
probably won't work for you.
You have to carve your own path.
To blindly compare yourself to others... well, it's sorta like high school.
I don't know about you, but I was NOT the cheerleader. Nor could I even remotely do a somersault; let alone a round-house... or whatever other miracles those double jointed beauties could do. And to compare myself to them would never end well.... on any level.

So part of my goals over the next few weeks is to figure out what success actually means to me.
What are my short term goals to getting there?
What can I do right now... right where I am... that can help me on that road toward doing what I love.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm not sure where to begin with this one.
My Brina is not doing well.

She injured herself over the weekend; and to be honest; I thought she was being a bit of a drama queen... which she has done before. But she was limping; and carrying her back foot most of the time. I couldn't see anything wrong with her foot or her pad.... but I've been helping her up and down steps; and up and down from the bed/ couch, etc.
I was putting salve on her foot, just in case... but it didn't seem to be helping.
She seemed to be absolutely fine, save for the hopping about.

Today she went in for her first ever! Haircut and shampoo at a professional puppy salon.
(She was not thrilled).... but looks very cute.
I decided afterwards, to take her to my local vet to check her foot; and she was given a thorough check.
Long story short; she really messed up her knee... and because she is not really a candidate for surgery at the age of 15 1/2 yrs old ... it will take a bit to heal. Proper medications were written for pain and swelling to the joint.
On an aside; I mentioned that the last couple of times Brina has urinated; she had some bloody staining to her fur... and it looked like she had some clots as well. No signs of infection, and she seemed to be eating/drinking/ enjoying herself regardless. She didn't seem to be uncomfortable in any way... but there it was.
Some tests were done; including a urine test where there was markedly more blood than pee...
and she most likely has tumors in her bladder; with a somewhat poor prognosis.
Again, medication has been prescribed... but...
I am gutted.
Simply gutted.
And while I knew she would not be here with me forever; it is still a sword to my heart.

And while I have made every effort since she adopted us as her family; to make her days special... all the more so now.... and for whatever time she has... be it weeks, months, or a year...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

for the weekend

This weekend; I am at an arts/crafts show.... HERE.
I am excited, as I haven't done one in months... but nervous; because I am sorely unprepared.
But hey... that's the way it goes sometimes.

The good news is.... hopefully I will be more prepared for the next show (in just a couple weeks), and the one after that;
as I have ordered a couple more folding tables and some earring display stands.
It's amazing how you make a decision to do something (in my case, going back to my art business full-time)
... and how things start to fall somewhat into place.

Anyway... the weekend is about to be in full-swing... and I hope you have a great one.
Here are some cool links I've saved for you to look at:

*Living from Your Heart - ways to intuitive living
*the daily routines of 26 of the world's most creative minds
*1000 drawings
*food!  One pot pasta meal... and un-stuffed cabbage rolls
*creative uses for pallets
*Artist Diana Beltran Herrera--- on FlickR... and here ... and here
*Artist Akino Kondoh 
*and the beauty of abandoned places.... here .... and HERE.

Bonus: things you didn't know your iPhone could do